Topic: Correlated electron phenomena

Magnetic and electrical properties of spinel Zn(Cr1-xVx)2O4 ( X=0,0.2,0.4,0.6,0.8,1.0 )
Y C Huang, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

Anderson model for two different localized magnetic impurities d and f
P D Mobarakeh, Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Field induced long range magnetic order and percolation transition in Y2Cr1-xGaxSbO7
L Shen, University of Birmingham, UK

Investigating the anomalous magnetic properties of the strongly coupled antiferromagnetic chain material CsCoO2 using implanted muons
R C Williams, Durham University, UK

Electromagnetic waves emitted in ferromagnetic Heusler alloy Ni2,14Mn0,81GaFe0,05 at phase transformations
A P Kamantsev, Kotelnikov Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS, Russia

Highly anisotropic thermal expansion in NiMn(Ge,Si)
O Baumfeld, Imperial College London, UK

Critical fluctuations in the spin-orbit Mott insulators Sr2IrO4 and Sr3Ir2O7
J G Vale, London Centre for Nanotechnology, UK

Non-contact ultrasonic techniques for measuring magnetic phase transitions
R S Edwards, University of Warwick, UK

Observation of dielectric anomaly near the magnetic phase transition in the spin-frustrated ZnV2O4
B L Lee, National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan

Topic: Soft matter and bio-magnetism

Anisotropy distributions in magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia applications
D Lloyd. University of York, UK

Magnetic imaging based on singlet exciton fission
M P P Hodges, University of Sheffield, UK

Direct measurement of spin polarization in ferromagnetic-C60 interfaces using Point-contact Andreev reflection
F Al Ma'mari, University of Leeds, UK

RKKY interaction between localized magnetic moments in Graphene nanoribbons with zigzag edges
A Akbari-Sharbaf, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Topic: Spintronics

Films containing some metallic cobalt exchange coupled to polarized defect states as a source of polarized electrons for spin injection
W Dizayee, Sheffield University, UK

Linear and nonlinear stationary ac response of the magnetization of nanomagnets in the presence of thermal agitation and spin-transfer torques
D J Byrne, University College Dublin, Ireland

Spin-current amplification in a lateral spin-valve
R M Abdullah, University of York, UK

New band-gap measurement technique for a half-metallic ferromagnet
T Alhuwaymel, University of York, UK

Time resolved optical study of Spin Seebeck Effect (SSE) within a YIG/Cu/Ni81Fe19 trilayer
H J Mohamad, University of Exeter, UK

DC measurements of spin and heat transport in lateral spin valves
J T Batley, University of Leeds, UK

Temperature dependence of spin-orbit torque effective fields in the diluted magnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As
B Howells, University of Nottingham, UK

Fabrication and measurement of a lateral spin-transfer nano-oscillator
B A Murphy, University of York, UK

NiO based spintronic devices grown by MBE on MgO (100) and (111) surfaces
G Cheglakov, Cavendish Laboratory, UK

Spin diffusion length of Vanadium measured in a lateral geometry
G Stefanou, University of Leeds, UK

Topic: Nanostructures & domain walls

Domain wall pinning in nanowires by exchange bias
I Polenciuc, University of York, UK

Vortex domain wall logic-gates
K A Omari and T J Hayward, University of Sheffield, UK

Growth optimisation of manganese ferrite films towards nanowire-based atom trapping applications
R C Bradley, University of Sheffield, UK

Piezoelectrically controlled domain wall creep in perpendicular Pt/Co/Pt
P M Shepley, University of Leeds, UK

Controlling magnetic domain walls in nanowires with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
J P Morgan, Univeristy of Cambridge, UK

Understanding and controlling stochastic domain wall depinning
T J Hayward, University of Sheffield, UK

Topic: Magnetic structure and methods

Monte Carlo simulations for antiferromagnetically coupled spins on a triangular lattice
G A Gehring, University of Sheffield,

Atomistic spin model simulations of the magnetic properties of Nidoped ZnO
M Arucu, Marmara University, Turkey and University of York, UK

Ab initio study of piezomagnetic effect in Mn3NiN
J Zemen, Imperial College London, UK

Geometrical integration for finite-element micromagnetic modelling
D Shepherd, The University of Manchester, UK

Diffraction contrast corrected magnetic imaging in STEM
M Krajnak, University of Glasgow, UK

Fabrication of high quality plan-view TEM specimens using the focused ion beam
K J O'Shea, University of Glasgow, UK

Topic: Thin films I

Artificial magnetic quasi-crystal
D Shi, University of Leeds, UK

Crystal ordering of antiferromagnetic polycrystalline heusler alloy thin films
O Whear, University of York, UK

Development of magnetostrictive energy harvesters
G M Backman, University of Sheffield

The temperature stability of the bubble lattices in ferrite-garnet films
J A Siryuk, Donetsk National University, Ukraine

Coercivity enhancement in thin perpendicularly magnetized co films by Ga+ ion irradiation
M Hari, University of Bath, UK

Magnetic characterisation and transport properties of FeRh thin films
J Warren, The University of Manchester, UK

Anomalous hall effect in thin film devices exhibiting perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
J Wells, National Physical Laboratory, UK

Magnetically doped topological insulator thin films
L J Collins-McIntyre, Clarendon Laboratory, UK

Magnetic characterisation of polycrystalline heusler alloys
T Huminiuc, University of York, UK

Growth of cobalt manganese aluminum thin films by pulsed laser deposition
M Tabbal, American University of Beirut, Lebanon

Nonreciprocity in the Goos-Hanchen effect on reflection of antiferromagnets
R Macedo, University of Glasgow, UK

Linear field demagnetisation of artificial magnetic square ice
J P Morgan, Univeristy of Cambridge, UK

Weak anti-localization behavior of high mobility 2d hole gas in a strained Ge QW heterostructure
J Foronda, University of Warwick, UK

Heteroepitaxial growth of ferromagnetic MnSb(0001) films on Ge/Si(111) virtual substrates
C W Burrows, University of Warwick, UK

Temperature dependence of magnetic dead layer thicknesses in ferromagnet / semiconductor hybrid heterostructures
M Tokac, Durham University, UK

Negative Goos-Hänchen shift upon reflection of electromagnetic waves from multi-sub-lattice antiferromagnets
V D Poimanov, Donetsk National University, Ukraine

Optical and magnetic properties of Zn1-xMgxO films
H B Albargi, University of Sheffield,

Controlling study of the influence of target preparation on the quality of magnetic oxide thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition (PLD)
H Albargi, University of Sheffield, UK

Recording related

Anomalous Hall effect studies of exchange coupled composite bit patterned media
R A Griffiths, The University of Manchester, UK

Exchange bias induced at a Co2FeAl0.5i0.5 /Cr interface
C N T Yu, University of York, UK

Wavelength-dependent MOKE measurements of remote plasma sputtered L10 FePt thin films and patterned media
S Zygridou, The University of Manchester, UK

The effect of finite size on linear reversal in FePt
M O A Ellis, University of York, UK

Heat induced phase change exchanged coupled composite media using FeRh
C Barton, The University of Manchester, UK

Multi-layered magnetic materials for shielding in recording heads
J K McClung, Queen's University Belfast, UK

Optimising the design of Bit Patterned Media
J Talbot, The University of Manchester, UK

Effect of deposition temperature on the magnetic properties of epitaxial Co/Pt
A W J Wells, University of Leeds, UK

Preparation of high quality permalloy thin films by pulsed laser deposition
C A Ferguson, University of Glasgow, UK

Nanoscale composition control applied on L10 FePtRh film for dot patterning using magnetic phase change
T Hasegawa, Akita University, Japan

Synthetic Ferrimagnets for use with All - Optical Magnetic Recording (AOMR)
C M Forbes, Queen's University Belfast, UK

The consequences of similarity of hysteresis loops for interpreting magnetic particle systems
S Ruta, University of York, UK

Topic: Magnetization dynamics

Superconductor skyrmion proximity
N Satchell, University of Leeds, UK

Collective magnonic modes in one dimensional chain of magnetic vortices
S Sugimoto, University of Tokyo, Japan

Spin waves propagation in ferrite film with periodic surface structure
S L Vysotsky, Kotel'nikov IRE RAS, Russia

Spin waves in metalized magnonic crystals
Y Filimonov, Kotel'nikov IRE RAS, Russia

Temperature dependent ferromagnetic resonance in FePt via the Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch equation
T Ostler, University of York, UK

Spin-wave relaxation in nanogranular thin films
D Alba Venero, STFC/ISIS, UK

Ferromagnetic Resonance Measurements of multilayer films using a Vector Network Analyser
A Johansson, The University of Manchester, UK

Dynamics of the magnetocaloric LaFe13-xSix¬ first-order metamagnetic transition
E Lovell, Imperial College London, UK