Tuesday 8 April


Wohlfarth plenary lecture from Dr Atsufumi Hirohata, University of York, UK  


Refreshment break

10:30 Session: Spintronics II

Invited: Spin transport in organic materials: from single molecules to crystals
S Sanvito, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
      Session: Nanostructures and domain walls

Invited: Giant topological Hall effect in strained Fe0.7Co0.3Si epilayers
C Marrows, University of Leeds
11:00 Understanding organic spin-valves
N Morley, University of Sheffield, UK

In-situ GISAXS study of formation of ordered nanostructures of NiFe alloy thin films on nano-rippled Si substrate
S Koyiloth Vayalil, DESY, Germany


Planar organic spin valves using shaped magnetic nanostructures
H Alqahtani, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia


Coexistence of vortex and multi-domain states: A novel magnetization phase in twisted anisotropy bilayers
G Hrkac, University of Exeter, UK

11:30 Hole injection from ferromagnetic material to tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminium (Alq3) and subsequent transport
H Zhang, Queen Mary University of London, UK
  MnSb-InGaAs epitaxial films and nano-rings: structure, magnetism and surfaces
G Bell, University of Warwick, UK
11:45 DMI meter: Dzyaloshinskii-Moryia interaction in materials with out-of-plane anisotropy
A Hrabec, University of Leeds, UK
  A Lorentz microscopy study of states in a chiral soliton magnet
S McVitie, University of Glasgow, UK
12:00 Extrinsic spin orbit interaction in thin films
A Westerman, University of Leeds, UK

Interface spin clusters in exchange bias systems
R Carpenter, University of York, UK

12:15 Torqueing magnets with electricity
A Ferguson, University of Cambridge, UK

Optimization of domain wall devices for sensing applications
H Corte-León, National Physical Laboratory / Royal Holloway University of London, UK

12:30 Time-resolved Kerr imaging of magnetization dynamics generated by a nano-contact spin
transfer vortex oscillator

P Keatley, University of Exeter, UK
  Lorentz microscopy of exotic three dimensional domain walls
C Ferguson, University of Glasgow, UK
12:45 Current-induced torques in ferromagnet/antiferromagnet bilayers
V Tshitoyan, Cavendish Laboratory, UK

Transmission electron microscopy investigation of domain walls and
interfaces in Ta/Pt/Co/AlOx
D McGrouther, University of Glasgow, UK

13:00 Spin noise correlation in n-doped gallium arsenide
M Hodgson, University of York, UK
  High temperature antiferromagnetism in molecular semiconductor thin films and nanostructures
S Heutz, Imperial College London


14:15 Session: Magnetization dynamics

Invited: 3-dimensional ratchet for spintronic
memory and logic

R Cowburn, University of Cambridge, UK
  Session: Soft matter and biomagnetism

Invited: Manipulating the dimensionality of molecule-based magnets
T Lancaster, Durham University, UK
14:45 Voltage controlled modification of flux closure domains in planar nanostructures for microwave applications
S Cavill, University of York, UK
  Investigation of spin crossover phenomena in solution-processable polymeric materials
G Bovo, Imperial College London, UK
15:00 Dynamic structure of magnetic domain walls and their trajectory atnanowire vertices
D Burn, Imperial College London, UK
  Developing biotemplated nanoparticles for data storage applications
J Galloway, University of Leeds, UK
15:15 Imaging real and magnetic field driven dynamics of artificial spin ice using transmission xray microscopy (TXM)
S Morley, University of Leeds, UK

Formation of octapod MnO nanoparticles with enhanced magnetic
properties through kinetically controlled thermal decomposition of
polynuclear manganese complexes
D MacLaren, University of Glasgow, UK


Refreshment break

16:00 Domain wall reflection and magnonic crystal
P Borys, University of Glasgow, UK

Magnetic transitions and critical performance in Cu-Guanidinium formate
S Han, Queen Mary, University of London, UK

16:15 Coupled vortex dynamics in arrays of nanomagnets
W Yu, University of Exeter, UK

Dipolar-driven magnetic ordering in a molecular nanodisc system
F Pratt, STFC, UK

16:30 Fabrication of micro-inductors using
electrochemical deposition
of magnetic alloy films
A Walton, University of Edinburgh, UK
  Theoretical modelling of electronic structure and exchange interactions in metal-phthalocyanines
W Wu, University College London, UK
16:45 Modelling the HAMR process in a high anisotropy
FePt granular
thin film
L Atkinson, University of York, UK
  Controlling spin-exchange at the organic/inorganic interface: On-surface
J Girovsky, Paul Scherrer Institut, Switzerland
17:00 Time-resolved Kerr microscopy of coupled transverse domain walls in a pair of curved nanowires
P Keatley, University of Exeter, UK
  Manipulation of resistivity and molecular dynamics using ferromagnetic resonance and phonon injection in hybrid-magneto-organic devices
M Wheeler, University of Leeds, UK

Correlation of mechanical, high frequency magnetic, electrical and structural properties of electroplated ferromagnetic films studied by automated wafer mapping
E Sirotkin, University of Edinburgh, UK

  Electron spin relaxation in organic semiconductors by muon spectroscopy
K Wang, Queen Mary, University of London, UK 
17:30 End of conference