Monday 7 April


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Session: Spintronics 1

Invited: Silicon spintronics
R Jansen, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan

       Session: Correlated electrons

Invited: Magnetic phenomena in strongly-correlated 5d oxides
A Boothroyd, University of Oxford, UK

Observation of Rashba zero-field spin splitting in a Ge 2D hole gas
C Morrison, University of Warwick, UK  

  Far from equilibrium behaviour of spin ice materials 
C Castelnovo, University of Cambridge, UK

Spin accumulation and detection in a single CoFe nanoparticle 
R Temple, University of Leeds, UK 

  Multiferroics and frustrated magnets
A Bombardi, Diamond Light Source, UK

Kondo physics in non-local metallic spin transport devices 
L O'Brien, University of Minnesota, USA   

  Low-temperature magnetism in the honeycomb systems SrRE2O4 
O Petrenko, University of Warwick, UK

Spin filtering through ferromagnetic insulating manganite tunnel barriers
B Prasad, University of Cambridge, UK


Artificial spin triplet superconductivity from superconductor/ferromagnet heterostructures 
J Cooper, STFC, UK


Temperature dependence of spin hall magnetoresistance in thin YIG/Pt films
S Marmion, Leeds University, UK  

  The magnetism of spin Ffustrated Ba3MTi2O9 M = Ru, Rh, Ir 
P Freeman, EPFL SB LQM ICMP, Switzerland

Curie behaviour in the dilute ferromagnetic semiconductor (Ga,Mn)As 
B Gallagher, Nottingham University, UK 

  High resolution lorentz microscopy studies of LaSrMnO3 
K O'Shea, University of Glasgow, UK

Interfacial contribution to in-plane anisotropic magnetoresistance 
S Jaiswal, Durham University, UK 


Spatially homogeneous ferromagnetism below the enhanced curie temperature in EuO1-x thin films
P Monteiro, Cavendish Laboratory, UK 


Influence of a pure spin current on the magnetization dynamics of a single nanomagnet 
P Keatley, University of Exeter, UK 


Order in the short ranged ordered state of Gd3Ga5O12
P Deen, European Spallation Source, Sweden


Magnonic charge pumping via spin-orbit coupling 
C Ciccarelli, University of Cambridge, UK

  End of session



Session: Thin films

Invited: Thin film head readers from 1 - 2 Tbpsi: challenges and some solutions
M Kief, Seagate Technology LLC, USA

  Session: Magnetic structure and methods

Invited: Gabriel Aeppli

Interdiffusion at the NiFe/Ge interface studied by x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy 
G Bell, University of Warwick, UK 

  VAMPIRE: open source software for atomistic simulation of magnetic materials 
R Evans, University of York, UK

Development of magnetostrictive films for MEMS sensors
N Morley, University of Sheffield, UK


Electronic and magnetic properties of bimetallic L10 cuboctahedral clusters by means of fully relativistic density-functional-based calculations 
R Cuadrado, University of York, UK


Influence of strain and crystallinity on magnetic order and moments in rare earth metal thin films 
G Scheunert, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


Fluctuating local moments, itinerant electrons and the magnetocaloric effect: the compositional hypersensitivity of FeRh 
J Staunton, university of Warwick, UK 


Realizing a high magnetic moment in
rare earth laminates X/Cr/FeCo (X=Gd,
Dy, GdDy and Tb) 

C Ward, Queen's University Belfast, UK 

  Half metallic antiferromagnetic of doped TiO2 Rutile with doubles impurities (Os, Mo) from Ab initio calculations 
M Ouchri, Université Mohammed V-Agdal, Morocco

Structural and magnetic properties of MBE-deposited Fe films on GaN (0001
J-Y Kim, Cavendish Laboratory, UK 


Stable tetragonal distortions and significantly increased magnetocrystalline anisotropies in FeCo alloys with C or B doping 
A Edstrom, Uppsala University, Sweden


Mapping spatial variations in iron oxide phases in magnetite thin films using infrared reflectance microspectroscopy 
S Thompson, University of York, UK 

  Mapping the distribution of the electric field in a microwave cavity by transmission electron microscopy 
F J T Goncalves, University of Glasgow, UK

Investigation of antiferromagnetic structure and ordering in tetragonal epitaxial CuMnAs 
P Wadley, University of Nottingham, UK 

  Ink-jet Printing Functional magnetic materials 
K V Rao, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden 

Growth of high-quality nanometre thick yttrium iron garnet films by sputtering and their magnetic properties
A Mitra, University of Leeds, UK


Magnetically barcoded microcarriers and fabrication of nanostructures through self-assembly techniques
D Love, University of Cambridge, UK


Posters and refreshments


Special plenary lecture from Professor Sir Andre Geim on magnetic phenomena in Graphene 

19:30 Reception and conference dinner