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Cryogenic Ltd leads the market in design and manufacture of Cryogenic equipment for research, industrial and scientific application. The Company specialises in applications of low temperature physics.

Cryogenic specialises in cryogen free technology and offers a large variety of measurement facilities in a liquid helium free environment. This includes Vibrating Sample Magnetometer, Specific Heat Measurement, AC susceptibility, Resistivity Measurements and Thermal conductivity. These are offered on a cryogen free magnet platform or in a low loss system with a field of up 20 Tesla and ultra low temperatures down to 300 mK or 25 mk with a DR. Other measurements systems include SQUID Magnetometer with a sensitivity of 10¬-8


IOP Publishing is an international, not-for-profit, learned society publisher. Our catalogue comprises many leading journals including Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (JPhysD). A major international journal, JPhysD reports significant new results in all aspects of applied physics research. The journal's coverage is deliberately broad, and includes theoretical, computational and experimental studies.

Please visit the booth to meet a member of JPhysD's editorial team and discuss options for publishing your research, browse through our journals and magazines and take a free sample, or come for a demonstration of our award-winning electronic journals service and community websites. We will be very happy to meet you!

Durham Magneto Optics Ltd. specialises in advanced scientific instrumentation for nanotechnology research and development. Our product range includes a family of magneto-optical Kerr effect magnetometers (NanoMOKE) and a family of direct-write laser lithography machines (MicroWriter ML).